Promobot is your business step-up.

Promobots were created to combine friendly intuitive character with useful business assistance platform. Promobot engages everybody around him by making communication experience unforgettable. That experience helps to establish real life-long relationships.

Find out below how Promobot makes a difference.

How to use Promobot?

It will help to find an office, it will tell about the companies that are in the building. It will communicate with visitors, favourably influencing their mood, and increasing their loyalty.

Always friendly robot will issue a line ticket, tell about the products of the bank and collect feedback. It can even sign customers up for services of the bank and finalize an agreement with them.

Promobot easily copes with the work of the promoter: welcomes guests and answers their questions, shows visual materials and attracts everyone’s attention.

Promobot can also perform functions of an administrator. He can welcome guests and answer their questions, show visual materials and perform basic administrative tasks.

An electronic interactive guide will attract visitors. The robot is capable of giving people full-scale tours. It can communicate information about exhibits, answer questions and show photo and video materials.

An alternative to a live concierge: it will tell the news, notify about the upcoming meeting, help to find the way to the nearest pharmacy and even tell a funny story. The robot is always in a good mood, it does not need a vacation or sick leave.