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Industrial Robotics occupies most of the robotics market today. It is valued at $15 billion USD. However, industrial robotics is a well established industry with its major players in the form of transnational and multinational corporations. It requires incredible investments and knowledge for the one willing to enter this industry.

On the contrary, service robotics is a new industry because technologies just reached the level where personal service robots are able to compete with humans in their efficiency, cost and investments. The personal service robotics market is expected to increase in its size by remarkable 38% by 2022 compared to only 14% growth of the industrial robotics market.

You do not need to create your own robot and manufacture it to get your foot into the exciting world of advanced technologies. You can rent or distribute Promobot Robots assembled by Promorobots Inc in Canada.

You will be able to operate hi-tech business without specialized knowledge of programming or engineering because our experts will take care of technical and operational support whenever and wherever you need them.

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Easy to Start
Easy as A-B-C! You do not need any specialized knowledge or a large team to start a business in one of the most interesting industries in today’s market. Our dedicated team will support you not only at the beginning of your journey but throughout the process. Promobot Canada experts will be always besides you.

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Minimal Investments Needed
Are you energetic and ready to disrupt many different industries in Canada within the next few years? If so, you can start your business with Promobot Robots in Canada with only $5,000 CAD in your pocket. By renting out Promobot Robots only 3 days a month you can break even in less than 6 months. Leave us your contact information and we will send you details.

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Own Your Time
Often robots are rented on weekends. You can work only two days a week and make $8,000 per month! Spend the rest of your time doing what you want to do instead of what you are told to do.

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